Vocational training

Equipping children to become self-reliant

Vocational Department

The school vocational department takes on children that have completed primary seven but have not had opportunity to continue with their education in secondary school or any other tertiary institution. The reasons vary from lack of school fees, to challenges from learning in normal education settings. The aim of the department is to train and equip students with skills that will help them to be self reliant. tailoring, tie dye, bead making, (crafts, surface printing), ceramic and cloth bead making, cookery, simple agriculture, leather work, knitting are some of the courses taught.

The aim of the department is to train and equip students with skills that will help them to be self reliant.

This department aims at quality production and many of its products have found market at different points on the international market.

Our dream is to build the business arm of the Vocational department, to ensure sustainability, supplement of school income and most important provide employment for our old students (even those who are mentally challenged).

The department has tailoring machines and they sow and tailor different products like uniforms, clothes, toilet bags, place mats, backpacks and other crafts.

The main objective of this class is to equip students with a skill so as to be self-reliant and independent. They can use the skills acquired to make their own products for sale.

We teach the pupils to use plain fabric  to come up with creative tie dye  designs.

The fabrics created here supply the tailoring department in the school.

We expose the pupils to diverse ideas in developing unique products using purified clay from our swamp.

We teach drawing and painting techniques, color selection, molding objects with play dough clay and printing.

The learners are fully involved in crafts work like necklace, doll and door mat making etc.

The children in the school have the opportunity to learn how to prepare different meals.

The children experience practical hands-on gardening. They have planted different crops like tomatoes, egg plants, carrots and greens.

The aim is to teach self-reliance and nutrition.

Students are taught how to make products out of leather such as belts, flat shoes, key holders, bags and many more.

Vocational Students

Already some students have graduated and have set up their small enterprises. Some are employed by the school; they make school uniforms, and other products for sale to support the department operations.

Activities In The Department​
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