This is one of the major departments in the school. it consists of: the occupational therapy department, physiotherapy department, general nursing/ sick bay department.
The department multidisciplinary team consists of: ot, pt, nurse, visiting doctor (professor)
Hydrotherapy activities
The major aim of the department is: children with special needs medically rehabilitated and cared of. .
The department is responsible for carrying out assessments, plan and administer treatments for all the students in the school. individual therapy plans are made.
Rehabilitation department

Some of the disabilities we deal with

Cerebral Palsy
Down’s syndrome
Congenital deformities
Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
Disabilities secondary to trauma
Developmental milestone delays
Hydro/micro cephalous
Spina bifida
Post traumatic stress disorder
Autism spectrum disorder


  • 55% of the students are wheel chair users
  • 5% use walking frames
  • 2% use walking canes, crutches etc
  • 38% are able to move independently without an aid
A typical Kampala school of the physically handicapped therapy department program includes:
One on one therapy that is tailored to individual children’s physical and/or cognitive needs.

A typical Kampala school of the physically handicapped therapy department program includes:

  • Tacpac an activity for children with sensory integration and sensory processing difficulties. It also provides sensory motor input for the children. 2 sessions are carried out every Tuesday of the week with 12 children
  • Oral motor stimulation and facilitation for children with difficulties in feeding. Speech and motor control like drooling. Its done once in a week on Wednesdays
  • Hydrotherapy. This is especially important in the Department because it benefits children with both physical and cognitive challenges physically
  • it has a general relaxation and calming effect that soothes muscle tension and stimulates all body systems and organs by nourishing the energy flow. It helps to lower the joint stress level which helps to lower the pain level in addition to helping release positional awareness to the patient, among other benefits. The Department trains the use of assistive devices to correct deformities and secondary complications like orthoses, prosthetics, other mobility aids, and calipers and also does adaptations to the aids and environment of the special needs child
  • The sick bay provides basic first aid treatment to the pupils and refers them to the nearby hospital in case of severity.
Cognitive challenges include:
Memory Problem solving Sequencing Orientation Perception Attention/concentration praxis

K.S.P.H is a children rehabilitation center

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