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Updates On Our Children- Joseph Nsubuga

Lately we have kept in touch with our parents to keep our children’s well being in check, feel to read through the stories told.
Today we have Joseph Nsubuga’s story by his father Mr. John Kiberu.
Naturally Joseph is a hardworking child, what may seem boring to his siblings as they drag to finish tasks assigned to them, to Joseph in a split second he gets his hands on.
Responsibilities at home keeps reminding him about school and how teachers used to advise him on how tasks are done. He is overheard singing the national anthem as he does his work.
“He is the only child who knows the process of preventing the disastrous Covid-19 disease,” his father narrates. Joseph demands a mask from his parents and encourages washing of hands whenever one is entering the house.
Mr. John Kiberu encourages other parents to always remain closer to your children in relation to their school, the bondage should be kept. “We have been calling my son’s teachers and he talks to them during the lock-down,” said Mr. John.

Message from our director

The School that takes the “Sting out of Disability”. We believe that every human being has limitations (challenges, weakness, handicaps, name it) and we all have strengths / abilities. KSPH, believes in the “Abilities”. We are just “Differently Abled.” Many years ago, at his graduation ceremony, Fred Semakula, an all round, successful officer working with Motivation Freedom Through Mobility, said “KSPH gave me a chance to live”. Honorable Buwendo Murshid, testifying at the recent UN day celebration, held at the School, said, “KSPH made me what I am today”. Such and many other success stories are the reason I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be part of the life changing process of these very special, lovely children. Even when someone was about to give up, such comments and stories are a motivation to carry on, and give it your best. We will always treasure the founder members, for a vision well set. The many individuals and organizations that have contributed, in the last 48years to the different areas and programs of the School. My predecessors, on whose foundation we have continued to build. The amazing Governance, staff and volunteer teams, serving with us. Best of all, to our dear pupils and old students, who have made our working life, a memorable experience. On behalf of the Management Board and parents, please accept our gratitude and appreciation. We look to the years ahead with open minds and hearts, on how best we can serve these children; KSPH desires to be a model to others, who want to develop such services country wide, so that Children with Disabilities all over Uganda get easier access to functional, quality Education. We need to remember that Identifying disability is not for labeling, but for curving out, and directing on the best way for the abilities within to excel. Together, let’s make the world a better place for all the stay.
God bless you.

Mrs. Mwesigwa Joy - School director

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